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“Richard Rizk is a client’s hope — an honest, non-greedy, and very warm personable lawyer.
He definitely knows the methods of powerful insurance firms and how to untie the knots they
use to bind claims for no action.”

— R.A.

Rizk Law provides you with valuable information to help you better understand issues involving motor vehicle injury and long term disability claims. Because, without expert help no one can effectively fight an insurance company army—especially while still traumatized by serious injury or long term disability.

Remember, insurance claims examiners are not your friend. To the contrary, insurance claims examiners are potential witnesses who may testify against you. On the other hand, insurers need certain information to process claims.

It’s a delicate balance. Even if you say all the right things, a claims examiner’s memory may differ from yours. And, winning a he /she said contest against an insurer is a steep uphill battle. Don’t go there. Richard Rizk can help.

Mr. Rizk knows how insurers think because, in a past life, he advised, represented and strategized for insurers and employers they insurer. Richard Rizk was the insurance company; he authorized large insurance checks and defended many of the big name insurers you see on TV. With the right attorney by your side, fear melts away.

Since 2002 Richard has directed his understanding of insurers’ tactics to help everyday people, like you. Mr. Rizk has effectively resolved automotive injury, environmental and long-term disability claims against America’s most powerful companies. His goal is successful resolution of your claim quickly and for the greatest amount possible.

Your insurance claim hassle arrived at an inconvenient time –after tragedy. Contact Richard H. Rizk at 503-245-5677 or email me at to get help with your accident injury or disability claim.

About Richard Rizk

Richard Rizk is a plaintiff personal injury, insurance and employment lawyer who seeks justice for everyday people. Mr. Rizk has resolved over $15M in claims.

Results Oriented

“Rich pretty much guaranteed the club’s future for the next 50 or 100 years by resolving this lawsuit.” - T .F, Oregon State Bar Bulletin, January 2011” 

“Three attorneys, upon separate accounts over several years, failed to achieve monetary compensation. One attorney, who knows Richard from law school, recommended his firm. What three attorneys could not accomplish over a decade, Richard was able to settle within a year’s time.”  - R.A. (Former Client)

“He really took my situation seriously and worked extremely hard to settle my case and get me a good amount of money.” (Former Client)

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Insurance Law Expert

Maximizing large loss claim recovery requires timely identification and triggering of rights and duties under, sometimes conflicting insurance provisions. Richard Rizk is one of few Oregon lawyers with the experience to efficiently harvest insurance benefits in the context of your catastrophic personal injury claim or large loss property loss. Some commonly implicated insurance policies in the context of large loss claims include:

  1. Long Term Disability Policies
  2. Underinsured Motorist Coverages;
  3. Personal Injury Protection Coverages (PIP);
  4. Uninsured Motorist Coverages
  5. Life Insurance Policies;
  6. Fire Insurance Policies;
  7. Inland Marine Policies;
  8. Directors & Officers Liability Policies;
  9. Business Interruption Insurance Policies;
  10. Trucking Policies;
  11. Premises Liability Policies; and
  12. Excess Insurance Coverage

The key to large loss resolution is accessing money to pay for the loss. Insurance is, by far the largest potential single source of funds to pay for catastrophic losses. As a result, a deep understanding of insurance and the interplay of various coverages, is at the heart of effective large loss resolution.

Expert Litigator & Former Defense Lawyer

Richard Rizk knows how insurers and employers think because, over the course of a decade, he strategized for insurers and the employers they insure. As an environmental claims attorney for Nationwide Insurance Mr. Rizk, over four years, negotiated resolution of high-exposure environmental claims and suits on a national basis. As a defense attorney for Wausau Insurance Mr. Rizk advised Oregon employers in the context of disability and injury litigation for six years. Over twenty years ago, while still in law school, Rich first drafted disability appeals, then for Oregon’s SAIF (State Accident Insurance Fund).

In 2002 Mr. Rizk opened his own law firm to help the underserved and deserving…everyday people up against powerful insurers and employers. Hire the lawyer who insurers relied on for so many years. Richard can motivate insurers and employers to pay claims because for a decade he was the legal mind of insurers and employers. Here is what others say:

Passionate, Caring & Experienced

Mr. Rizk has extensive experience in the field of insurance law. He is a passionate and effective advocate for the rights of the insured. I endorse this lawyer.”  - Jeremy Craft (Non- affiliated Lawyer)

“My confidence level in using his skills to assist me in this matter went to the “top of the chart” by the end of our conversation. His passion for assisting individuals became absolutely clear to me in our conversation.” – (Captain Rutter, Commercial Airline Pilot).  

“He (Mr. Rizk) has extensive experience in insurance related matters and remains passionate and dedicated in his representation. I fully endorse and recommend him.” - Randal Acker   (Non- affiliated Lawyer)

“Mr. Rizk was assertive, thorough, creative and caring. He helped me through one of the roughest times in my life and in the end I got the benefits and justice I deserved.” – A.S. (Former Client).

Richard’s Message

Personal Injury Attorney Richard Rizk Portland, Oregon

Richard Rizk
Attorney at Law

“Helping Everyday People, Every Day” is not just a slogan. It is my passion. I seek justice for you, an injured and/or disabled person facing a powerful insurance company or employer. Why? Because helping folks in claim distress makes best use of my unique blend of insurance defense and inside claim handling experience. I worked for insurance companies or their law firms from 1990 to 2001. As a result, I know insurers and employers have great power and sometimes abuse that power. I now work to prevent that from happening.

I opened Rizk Law Offices in 2002. I have a big heart and insights only a former insurance attorney can have. Call me if you think I might be able to help you. – Richard H. Rizk


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