Providence Bridge Pedal 2018

The Providence Bridge Pedal 2018

Providence Bridge Pedal

Sunday, August 12th, 5:30 am – 9:00 am
SW Naito Parkway and Taylor

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Start the morning by pedaling up on the Marquam Bridge and enjoy a light breakfast then biking through downtown Portland on I-405 and over the Fremont Bridge before joining the full Bridge Pedal route.

Enjoy sunrise and a light breakfast from on top of the Marquam Bridge before starting your ride. You can bike up onto the Marquam as early as 6 a.m. The views of the Willamette River and downtown Portland as the sun rises over the Cascades are spectacular. Marquam Express riders begin as early as 7 a.m. with a rush through town on I-405 and across the Fremont Bridge. 

Marquam, Fremont, Steel, Morrison, Ross Island, Hawthorne, Marquan, Fremont, Steel


18 miles


Top of Marquam Bridge (Access the Marquam Bridge at SE Water and Yamhill

Starting Time

Access to the Marquam Bridge 6 a.m. (Sunrise: 6:09 a.m.)

Breakfast 6-7 a.m

Ride begins 7 a.m


SW Naito Parkway and Ash Street



This new routing includes crossing six bridges, including the upper decks of the Marquam and Fremont bridges and a thrilling ride through downtown Portland on I-405, all on car-free streets.

Bridges Crossed

Morrison, Ross Island, Hawthorne, Marquam, Fremont, Steel


12 miles

Starting Location

SW Naito Parkway at Morrison (Northbound)

Start Time

7:30-9:15 a.m. 


SW Naito Parkway and Ash



A free three mile ride especially for young cyclists over the Hawthorne and Steel bridges.

Bridges crossed

(in order) Hawthorne and Steel


3 miles


SW Naito Parkway and Salmon

Starting Time 

10 a.m.


SW Naito Parkway and Ash



Notes Ages 13 and up are welcome if they are accompanied by a youth/child. Both children and adults must register.

A 5 mile walk through the Pearl District then on I -405 to the Fremont Bridge. Return to downtown via the Steel Bridge.

Bridges crossed

Fremont, Steel


5 miles


SW Naito Parkway and Ash

Starting Time 

8 a.m.


SW Naito Parkway and Ash




A Word for the Bikers

As a South Portland personal injury law firm, we care about our community and the community’s safety. So for those of you participating in the Bridge Pedal, refresh on general bike safety before heading out! There will be thousands of riders present and bike courtesy and awareness will be essential to everyone’s safety. Also, remember to wear a good helmet and bring water! 

A Word for the Drivers

As for all of the 4 wheeled commuters on Sunday, be aware of the Bridge Pedal routes. Check your traffic routes in advance. Avoid putting yourself in a frustrating situation which can lead to unsafe driving and potentially road rage. 


Plan ahead, be wise, and have fun Portland!

More South Portland Events

August 5th – 11th

National Farmers Market Week  

Wed, August 8, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Mirabella – Park View Room
3550 SW Bond Ave. 

South Waterfront Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting
Become a part of your neighborhood emergency response team that fosters emergency preparedness and will develop plans to deal with major emergencies.

August 16th 6:30pm

Movie + Concert in the Park: 

Concert: The Jellyroll Society
Movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind


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Springwater Corridor Trail: Closure

Have You Noticed?

From July 9th until October 31st, a large section of the Springwater Corridor Trail is closed for a restoration project. Trail goers are still able to access the Wildlife Refuge,  the Oregon Yacht Club, as well as Oaks Amusement Park. Although if you were hoping to ride straight through the trail, that won’t be an option until the fall unfortunately. 

As much as it is a disappointment for summer cyclist, it is also a  beneficial project. 

"The project will improve hydrology and habitat for protected wildlife species, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, bats and salmon. Right now, migrating salmon cannot safely access Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge on their journey to and from the Pacific Ocean because an existing culvert and water control structure blocks fish access into the refuge."

According to ODOT, if biking or public transit doesn’t work out, you can always walk.


“Courtesy of pdxmonthly, here’s what we’re lookin’ at:


The ramp from I-5 southbound to I-84 eastbound will completely close, 24/7.


The ramp from I-84 westbound to I-5 northbound will completely close, 24/7. During one of those weekends, ODOT will also close I-5 north between the Marquam and Fremont Bridges for paving.


I-84 westbound from Lloyd Center to I-5 south will be reduced to a one-lane crawl.

3 hours

An estimated I-84 commute from I-205 to I-5 between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. Congestion could start as far east as Troutdale, north as far as Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge, and south as far as Sunnyside on I-205.


vehicles drive across the I-84 and I-5 interchanges daily.”

So commuters, with one of our main city bike thorough fairs closed, along with all of the other road closures that puts a larger number of commuters on city streets. Make sure you plan enough time to have a peaceful commute in this intense summer heat and traffic. Plan ahead!

Don’t let the traffic delays and trail closures get you down, just plan ahead.

Remember, it’s summer!

Find the kid in you and enjoy it.

Hey Portlanders…

Check out the button below for some great places you can ride!


Occupy ICE Camp: Closed

Camp Gets Shut Down Due to Attorney Richard Rizk and South Portland Speaking Out

Yesterday, Attorney and South Portland Business Association President Richard Rizk led a discussion with Portland’s Deputy Police Chief and a liaison from the Mayor’s office regarding the impact the “Occupy ICE Camp” has had on Macadam Ave in South Portland. 

Once news of our meeting got out, the city finally took action to help get the area cleaned up and back into order near the ICE facility.


June 2018


July 26th 2018

South Portland During "Occupy ICE Protest"

South Portland the Day After the Meeting

Yesterday at the Old Spaghetti Factory South Portland business community members, local residents, and property owners met with Portland Police and a representative from the Mayor’s Office.

It has been five weeks since the campers have occupied this area in South Portland. The City admitted they took a hands-off approach and they were apologetic about the loss of business. The police department said that their hands were tied and were subject to lack of resources, possibly from needing more funds from the state legislature.

Neighbors and business owners were adamant that the city should stop any further type of camping and enforce the rule of law, respecting local residents and business owners.

Most of the people present agreed that it’s acceptable to protest peacefully, however, overnight camping is not agreeable. The general consensus is that we are tired of the passive approach the city had taken in this issue. As South Portlanders, we are looking forward to real leadership in our city.

We want our beautiful Portland back! 


Emergency Preparedness: House Fire

“I am going to share with you what I learned from this tragedy…

This is what I have done to be better prepared if something traumatic happens in the future. My hope is that this will help save you or someone you love extra pain, struggle and challenge if you are ever in an emergency situation.



In the Wee Hours of the Morning

I awoke to a room full of smoke, my home was on fire! Somehow I managed to get outside barefoot […]

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Meet Rizklaw: Sam Pope

After 15 months at Rizk Law, I know this work is the best way for me to use my skills to help those who need it most. My path to becoming a law clerk, and soon to be an attorney, was not a typical one, but in everything I have done, I always fought for the helpless and the downtrodden. 

My name is Sam Pope and here is my story…


Fighting for the Underdogs



My first taste of helping others was in high school volunteering at the local […]

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After My First Year in Law School

Mall vs Horton

Sukhdev Mall’s claim against Andrew Horton was one of the first I worked on when I came onto Rizk Law shortly after completing my first year of law school. It was the second trial that I acted as Rich’s assistant. It was a fairly severe car accident that occurred in October of 2013 – a few inches back, and it’s quite likely Mr. Mall would have died.


We brought the case to arbitration in June 2015

The arbitrator awarded Mr. Mall around $44,000 and change. […]

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