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According to the most recent data from the Oregon Department of Transportation, more than 2,600 of fatal and non-fatal crashes in 2016 involved medium or heavy trucks, an increase of 20 percent from 2015. Whether you are a driver or a victim, being involved in a truck accident presents much larger challenges than a car accident, such as specific regulations, increased likelihood of injuries or death, and increased property damage.

If you have been in a truck accident, you need a skilled attorney who knows how to navigate the justice system and handle the big insurance companies. Call one of the experienced truck accident attorneys at Richard Rizk Law Office at (503) 245-5677 for a free consultation.

Our Results in Truck Accident Cases

The attorneys at Richard Rizk Law Office have substantial experience obtaining the best outcome for clients in truck accident cases. Prior to opening his own firm, Rizk spent a decade as an accident investigator. Insurance carriers regularly called on him to assess damages, injuries, fatalities, and other valuable, providing invaluable insight in his later law career. The attorneys at Richard Rizk Law Office represents clients with passion, dedication, and honesty: the firm pursues the maximum compensation allowed to clients, and works aggressively to hold parties accountable for bad acts or negligence.

What Are Truck Accident Injuries?

Truck accident injuries do not greatly vary from other kinds of motor vehicle accidents, except in one major way: everything is bigger with trucks. The vehicle is larger, heavier, and delivers a far greater impact in the event of a collision; injuries are usually worse, and more likely to be fatal. Some of the most common truck accident injuries include:

  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries This includes minor pain, but also severe back injuries such as a slipped disc or paralysis.
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries This includes minor concussions as well as more serious injuries. Some crashes may result in brain damage or permanent disability.
  • Internal bleeding Truck accidents often result in powerful blunt traumas to the bladder, kidneys, liver, or other internal organs, causing internal bleeding. Broken ribs suffered in a collision can puncture the underlying organs and tissues.
  • Cuts and scrapes Some cuts and scrapes are serious enough to cause significant blood loss, or leave permanent scars and or/disfigurement.
  • Amputations
  • Death

Who Can Cause a Truck Accident?

Proving fault in a truck accident isn’t always an easy task. If the truck driver explicitly violated traffic or safety regulations, he or she is likely liable. In some cases, however, the driver was doing everything by the book—not speeding, not under the influence, driving attentively—but caused an accident for unrelated reasons.

Road conditions, poor truck maintenance, and dangerous or improperly loaded cargo are just a few common causes of non-driver-related trucking accidents. In these cases, the trucking company, maintenance company, vehicle owner, or loading crew might be responsible; in cases of serious vehicle defects, the manufacturer of the truck may also hold liability. Other situations give rise to shared liability, such as a truck driver logging more hours per day that legally allowed (in this case, both the driver and trucking company could be liable).

Truck accidents can be complex, and often involve large defendants, legal teams, and insurance companies: retaining a trusted attorney as soon as possible is the most important step to ensuring your interests are protected.

What Kind of Damages May Be Recovered in a Truck Accident?

If you have sustained an injury in a truck accident, you may be able to recover several types of damages. Compensation varies based on the facts of each individual case, but some of the most common damages plead in truck accident claims include:

  • Medical Expenses You can claim any and all medical expenses directly related to your injury, including future medical expenses and long-term care requirements in the case of extended disability.
  • Lost Wages You may recover damages for any lost wages for work that you missed because of your injury. You may also be able to claim lost future wages, called lost earning capacity, in the case of a long-term disability; in many cases, victims may receive compensation for education, training, or vocational expenses incurred to return to the workforce.
  • Pain and Suffering This is the value of the emotional pain, suffering, and loss that you endured, or will continue to endure, because of an accident. Unlike economic damages, these damages can be difficult to plead, prove, and substantiate: your attorney can discuss this amount with you, and advise the best practices to maximize a potential damages award.

What Ways Do Liable Parties Try to Get out of Paying Their Fair Share?

Oregon is not a no-fault state, so those who are liable for trucking accidents will likely try to place blame on you or another party to avoid paying damages. You can expect this from insurance carriers, especially when a trucking company is involved. Not only will they attempt to blame the victim, but may also attempt to distance themselves from the driver; in cases of significant injuries, they may try to downplay any injuries that you have sustained. A skilled truck accident attorney will defend you against these tricks, collect the evidence, testimony, and documentation required to establish a strong claim, and increase the odds that those who are liable pay their fair share.

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost Me?

Many law firms offer free consultations; this way, you can discuss the merits of your case with an attorney without any fee or obligation. Additionally, cases are typically handled on a contingent fee basis, so your lawyer will recover legal fees out of any successful settlement or judgment obtained. Justice shouldn’t be reserved only for those who can afford expensive legal fees: at the Richard Rizk Law Firm, every client is treated as an equal, and associates are committed to delivering the best outcome for every client.

Injuries from a truck accident may destroy a person’s life. An experienced truck accident attorney can worry about the details of your case, investigate the accident, talk to witnesses, negotiate with insurers, and navigate the court process: in the meantime, you can concentrate on recovery. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident in the Portland area, contact one of the knowledgeable attorneys at Richard Rizk Law Office at (503) 245-5677 for a free consultation.