Whether on vacation or traveling to an event in your hometown, the last thing you expect on a tour bus is an accident. If your pleasant excursion turns into a traumatic event, determining who is at fault can be tricky.

Determining Fault in a Bus Accident

A bus is considered a “common carrier” that must exercise a high degree of care and diligence with the safety of its passengers. Most bus accidents are due to negligence or willful acts, and determining who is at fault can be complicated.

Different entities may be liable in a tour bus accident:

  • Tour company contracted with the bus company
  • Bus company that owns the vehicle
  • Bus destinations
  • Vehicle drivers

A tour company that owns its own buses must have reasonably safe buses in its fleet and only hire properly licensed drivers who meet basic requirements. A negligent driver exposes a tour company to liability.

When Other Liable Parties Are Involved in a Bus Accident

When a passenger slips and falls departing a bus onto slippery pavement, the owner of the venue may be held liable. A drunk driver who hits a bus causing an accident will also be liable. In some cases, multiple parties may be at fault.

If you are injured in a bus accident, a personal injury lawyer will help you sort through this complex area of the law.