The evidence that Portland is one of America’s favorite cities is conspicuously reflected in its soaring housing costs and influx of non-native Oregonians. For several consecutive years, Portland has ranked as one of the top cities to live in the United States. As with any densely populated city, there are some neighborhoods that should be avoided after sundown.

GoLocalPDX News analyzed 5 years’ worth of data from the City of Portland and the Oregon Department of Transportation to create a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Portland. They considered the number of police and fire reports, and ODOT’s ranking of the city’s 60 most dangerous intersections to compile this list. On Halloween night, steer clear of these 5 neighborhoods, if you can.


Halfway between the heart of Portland and Gresham lies Hazelwood, a neighborhood in which there are consistent reports of criminal activity. In the 5-year period, there were over 10,000 police incidents and almost 500 fire calls. The Gateway Transit Center is considered the most dangerous in Portland, with many crimes taking place near this stop. In 2009, there were more rapes and murders in Hazelwood than in any other neighborhood in the city. 122nd Ave. and SE Stark is considered the most dangerous intersection in Hazelwood.


Divided by I-205 and just south of US 26/ SE Powell Blvd is Lents. The Lents neighborhood had just under 7,000 police incidents and over 400 fire calls in the five-year period. The Eastport Plaza Shopping Center, which houses a Walmart Supercenter, is regarded as the neighborhood’s most active crime corner.


Hugging Lents on its north-east corner is the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood in East Portland. This neighborhood had 6,025 police incidents and 394 fire calls. One-hundred seventy-one accidents were reported at the intersection of SE 82nd Ave. and SE Powell.


Slightly northeast from Powellhurst-Gilbert is the Centennial neighborhood, which experienced 5,568 police incidents and 254 fire calls.


Just west of Centennial is Montavilla. This neighborhood had 3,695 police incidents and 229 fire calls in the five-year span.

5 Halloween Safety Tips

Besides avoiding certain parts of town, there are many ways to keep your children safe during their once-a-year trick-or-treat endeavor. Keep these simple tips in mind.

Plan a Trick-or-Treat Route

Knowing where your kids will end up on their candy-fueled adventure provides peace of mind. If your child goes with a group, make sure he or she is familiar with the pre-planned path to avoid getting lost. It’s always best for at least one adult to supervise trick-or-treaters.

Light Up!

Shorter daylight hours mean your children could become easy targets for drivers, especially if their costumes are mostly black. I may be difficult to get your child to agree to break character, but adding a few strips of reflective tape or providing a flashlight can tremendously reduce their risk of getting hit by a car or trampled on in a crowd.

Avoid Long Costumes

Standard sizing in Halloween costumes does a disservice to children who may be a bit larger or smaller than the average for their age groups. Particularly, costumes that are too long present a tripping hazard. Be sure to trim the extra length off of any costumes before letting your children out of the house.

Check Props for Safety Hazards

Many children’s costumes are accompanied by a prop such as a hat, belt, or weapon. It’s important to consider whether these props will be safe for your child to walk around with, especially among groups of other costumed children. Long props like swords should at the very least be made of rubber and able to bend so that they won’t hurt  your child or others.

Inspect All Candy

Although there are rarely reports of tampered candy, it doesn’t hurt to make sure the candy your child received is properly wrapped and sealed. It may also be best to ration candy to avoid upset stomachs!

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