Tort reformers enjoy chastising lawyers who seek justice for injured persons. “There all just a bunch of greedy ambulance chasing lawyers…” is a commonly expressed sentiment. But, the reality is moments after a serious injury event, it is the insurance company & big business investigators at the scene, not personal injury lawyers.

The reasons are simple. At the time of any given loss, insurers and big business already have investigators and lawyers in place. Trucking companies, nursing homes and hospitals, for example, have great reason to anticipate large losses. By contrast, catastrophe catches most injury victims by complete surprise.

After a large loss, the family of an an accident victim is, quite  naturally, most concerned with those hurt or how to deal with an unexpected death. While victims lick wounds, would be defendants scurry to limit exposure. Don’t be fooled by tort reform propaganda. Insurers and their corporate clients are the real ambulance chasers.