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On Memorial Day 2016 two adult men were arrested by Multnomah County Sherriff’s office after apparently racing their respective Corvette and Firebird cars while filming the event on a Go Pro camera mounted on the Corvette’s passenger door. According to police, one of muscle cars clocked at 116mph. The incident occurred on 1-84 at Rooster Rock State Park, near Corbett, Oregon.

With the films, police have good evidence showing whether or not the cars were indeed racing. “Speed racing on the highway” is a Class A traffic violation. See, ORS 811.125. Violation of a motor vehicle statute creates a presumption of negligence Barnum v. Williams 264 OR 71 (1971). Both men were also charged with reckless endangering and disorderly conduct.
On March 1, 2016 the speed limit actually increased on portions of I-84 East of the Cascades. Prior to March 1, the speed limit from The Dalles to Idaho was 55 for trucks and 60 for cars. The new post March 1 speed limit will be 65 for trucks and 70 for cars. The racing incident occurred on the west side of the cascade mountain range where the speed limit is lower.

Now that summer is here and speed limits are high, expect more racing on I-84. If you encounter racers on the road, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. Instead, gather as much identifying information you safely can, then call 911. Richard Rizk is an Oregon and Washington State Personal injury lawyer and can be reached at (503) 245-5677 or