Finally, it’s time for a long anticipated night out with old friends. Taking a taxi cab seems the safest way home. Then, you notice the backseat has no seatbelts. In a hurry, the taxi cab driver rear ends the car ahead. You slam into the back of the front seat. You are hurt. What are your rights?
Unfortunately, taxi cabs are not required to carry no fault medical insurance (“PIP” / personal injury protection coverage). ORS 742.520, the Oregon statute that deals with PIP, requires this coverage only for insurance policies on “private passenger motor vehicle[s]” – not taxi cabs or city buses.
Taxi cab drivers are usually independent contractors, which makes commencing a course of action against the cab company even more difficult. What rights do you have if you were injured while riding with a reckless cab driver? What can you do to protect yourself?
First, get the cab driver’s name, the license plate number and/or his/her job ID no. and the taxi company’s phone number. Take photos of the damages, injuries, and the scene of the accident. Call the police and file a police report. Seek medical care immediately, and save your medical records and bills. The taxi cab driver or his insurer will contact you to gather information in hopes of limiting your claim.
Because your injuries may become worse, do not rush to settle a case on your own. Never sign anything from an insurance company before consulting with an attorney.
If you need help from a claim arising from an accident from hiring a taxi cab service, contact Attorney Richard Rizk at (503) 245-5677.