Have You Noticed?

From July 9th until October 31st, a large section of the Springwater Corridor Trail is closed for a restoration project. Trail goers are still able to access the Wildlife Refuge,  the Oregon Yacht Club, as well as Oaks Amusement Park. Although if you were hoping to ride straight through the trail, that won’t be an option until the fall unfortunately. 

As much as it is a disappointment for summer cyclist, it is also a  beneficial project. 

"The project will improve hydrology and habitat for protected wildlife species, including amphibians, reptiles, birds, bats and salmon. Right now, migrating salmon cannot safely access Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge on their journey to and from the Pacific Ocean because an existing culvert and water control structure blocks fish access into the refuge."

According to ODOT, if biking or public transit doesn’t work out, you can always walk.


“Courtesy of pdxmonthly, here’s what we’re lookin’ at:


The ramp from I-5 southbound to I-84 eastbound will completely close, 24/7.


The ramp from I-84 westbound to I-5 northbound will completely close, 24/7. During one of those weekends, ODOT will also close I-5 north between the Marquam and Fremont Bridges for paving.


I-84 westbound from Lloyd Center to I-5 south will be reduced to a one-lane crawl.

3 hours

An estimated I-84 commute from I-205 to I-5 between the hours of 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. Congestion could start as far east as Troutdale, north as far as Glenn L. Jackson Memorial Bridge, and south as far as Sunnyside on I-205.


vehicles drive across the I-84 and I-5 interchanges daily.”

So drivers, with one of our main city bike thoroughfares closed, along with all of the other road closures that puts a larger number of commuters on city streets. Make sure you plan enough time to have a peaceful commute in this intense summer heat and traffic. Plan ahead!

Don’t let the traffic delays and trail closures get you down, just plan ahead.

Remember, it’s summer!

Find the kid in you and enjoy it.

Hey Portlanders…

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