In 2011 two sober dudes (more correctly two sober gals), established “Sober Dudes” to help reduce drunk driving in Central Oregon in a very unique way. Sober Dudes is not a sobriety support group or taxi company. Rather, Sober Dudes is a designated driver service with a twist, addressing realities of drunk driving in a creative way. The reality: After a few drinks judgment is impaired. The Result: Many intoxicated persons drive rather than ditch their cars for a ride.
A solution? Call Sober Dudes at (541) 636-0101 or online at Reserve a ride with a credit card. Two sober dudes will arrive at the party location. One sober dude drives the impaired person’s vehicle home. The other follows in a second car to transport both back to sober dude central.
Sober Dudes offer packages for events and parties Check for pricing and information on their credentials, insurance and licensing. Sober Dudes “guarantee” their service, but do charge $15 to those who cancel.

Saving lives and keeping good people out of jail. Hats off to Sober Dudes!