Portland Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are the victim of a truck accident, your injuries and losses could be severe and even life changing. As you look for answers on what to do next, you should know that the compensation you need and deserve only comes with the help of an experienced truck accident attorney in Portland.

Portland truck accident lawyer Richard Rizk was an accident investigator in the 1990’s; insurers relied on him to assess the damage, injuries, deaths, and damage claims threatening the environment. Now as a Portland personal injury attorney, his truck accident experience will prove invaluable to you.

Experience and Compassion

Most personal injury attorneys will claim to be caring and compassionate; it kind of goes with the territory. However, in any tort case, the law is your best friend. Any lawyer with the experience to wield the law in your favor will be the key to the settlement you need for your future.

Richard Rizk is the attorney you want after a serious truck accident because:

Richard Rizk Knows Trucking Law

State statutes dictate most personal injury law, including automobile accidents. Trucking laws however, also include Federal Bureaucratic laws and regulations that can change as the Federal agencies see the need. Staying on top of these laws is important to your case because any violation may be an indication of negligence by the trucking company. Richard Rizk knows trucking laws on both the state and federal levels and stays apprised of any change.

Richard Rizk Knows Insurance Coverage Law

Even though the claims adjusters from the insurance company seem nice, even compassionate, their initial offer will never be adequate for your injuries and future expenses, no matter how generous they make it seem. Their real goal is to pay you as little as possible.

As a former strategist for insurance companies, Richard Rizk is intimately familiar with the mindset of the attorneys representing the insurance companies. He isn’t intimidated by their tactics and knows how to prepare your case to counter their position and obtain the settlement you need and deserve.

In a truck accident, there may be multiple insurance companies involved, including insurance for the driver, the truck’s owner, the maintenance company, and possibly even the truck manufacturer. Richard’s experience with insurance is your advantage when dealing with so many companies.

Truck Accident Attorney Portland OR

Richard Rizk Knows How the Details Affect Your Settlement

The settlement you need and deserve isn’t just a random high number. The settlement Richard seeks for you is based on a life plan designed to provide compensation for your accident-related needs today and into the future. All contingencies are accounted for; present and future medical bills, rehabilitation, property losses, lost present and future income, lost opportunity, as well as pain and suffering. If there was gross negligence, your settlement may also include punitive damages. In the end, it will look like a large lump sum but it is more than that; it is your future.

Get the Legal Help You Need for Your Portland Truck Accident Case

Truck accidents are as complicated as they are often catastrophic. Don’t face the consequences of your accident without Richard Rizk’s experience and skill. Call (503) 245-5677 for your free consultation.