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Bike, Oregon! Touring the coast, mountain biking legendary Phil’s trails in Bend, cruising Champoeg State Park with grandkids, or just commuting to work, for Oregonians bicycling is a passion, a healthy lifestyle, a mode of commuting, and just plain fun. We can’t imagine Oregon would be the same without its strong biking culture.

Bicycling is so popular these days,  Oregon offers a “share the road” bicycle vanity license plate. Bicycling fits Oregon’s green ethos. It’s in line with Oregon’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  New pedestrian and bicycle initiatives such as the Tilikum Crossing Bridge in Portland suggest biking will flourish in Oregon for the foreseeable future.

Bike Traffic

Since 1991, bike traffic has increased 322% on Portland’s four main bicycle-friendly bridges: the Hawthorne bridge, Broadway, Steel, and Burnside, while trips taken over these bridges by car have neither increased nor decreased. As cyclists increase in number, those who choose motorized transportation will have to adjust to the changes in traffic flow. Riding a bike across the city’s bridges and alongside main roads is becoming increasingly more dangerous. In fact, Oregon’s top 3 worst intersections for cyclists appear in Portland. The interchange on US 26 is #1 with the highest traffic volume of the three. In 2013, it was responsible for 213 injury crashes.

Tragic Results

While cycling is a beloved part of Portland’s culture, traversing Oregon roadways has not been all roses and butterflies. Many cyclists have died. Many more have suffered serious injury from being struck by motorists.  Hostilities between motorists and cyclists have sparked fights and enduring resentment. As bicycling gains momentum and populations increase, motorists and cyclists will inevitably collide more frequently, increasing their need for legal representation. Call Richard Rizk at (503) 245-5677  for a free consultation about your bicycle injury claim.

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