It used to be that PIP (no fault “Personal Injury Protection” auto coverage) paid 70 percent of your lost wages up to a maximum of $1,250.00 per month. As of 2010 the maximum has been increased to $3,000 per month. Oregon does not allow for PIP deductible to be more than $250.00. Check your policy for specific terms.

To be eligible for the PIP wage loss benefit, you must have lost 14 or more consecutive days from work due because of your car accident injury. In addition, your doctor will need to sign a note stating you were unable to work due to the accident for the days you missed.

What about vacation or sick days? If you used sick days or vacation time, your PIP insurer may still be responsible for your wage loss, but the money may go to repay your employer, rather than you. Then contact your employer to replace sick days or the vacation days used.

What if I don’t work outside the home? If a vehicle crash prevents you from performing normal household duties for at least 14 days, your PIP auto insurer will pay up to $30/day to reimburse your for hiring someone to perform those tasks. Any amounts not reimbursed will be made part of your claim against the insurer for the driver at fault. So, keep good records including receipts of all your costs.