Crash! Your car is hit. You don’t feel injured. The other driver seems cool. He suggests. “Hey, let’s just deal with this between you and me. Ill fix your car and let’s call it a day… insurance does not need to know about this. Okay?” Hmmm. You think…l what should you do?
If property damages exceeds $1,500 or any person is injured in an accident you must report the accident to DMV within 72 hours. If you try to resolve an auto claim where someone is injured or damages exceed $1,500, you would break the law and your driving privileges may be suspended. Also, keep in mind often injuries form a car accident is not apparent until a few days after the crash.

But what if you don’t know how much damages were involved and are not sure whether anyone was injured… what then? When in doubt, report the accident by completing an Oregon Traffic Accident Report. Accident report forms can be found on the Oregon DMV website. Even if your car was the only car in the collision, you still must report the accident if injury or damages over $1,500 occurred.