Judge Asks NFL for More Details

The $765 million dollar brain injury settlement announced August 2013 between the NFL and more than 4,500 former NFL players has been put on hold pending more specific details. United States District Court Judge Anita B. Brody presiding over the settlement has identified significant problems with the settlement, and has asked the NFL for more detail regarding exactly how the money will be distributed, what it will support and whether or not it is enough money.

NFL Players Want Larger Settlement

The players sued the league over issues related to concussions and brain injuries, arguing that they were not informed or protected effectively enough while playing in the NFL. Many players want a larger amount of money to treat injuries and potential injuries than provided in the settlement. In addition to providing fair compensation to players, others believe the settlement should provide for extensive research into head injury issues and support education efforts.

Head Injury Delayed Complications

Injury litigation regarding head injuries can be complicated. Some cases will worsen over time. Complications may appear years after an accident, and the costs to care for someone with a neurological disorder due to a traumatic brain injury should not be underestimated. Judge Brody is trying to ensure that catastrophically injured people get fair and adequate treatment.