In the past, Timberline has arranged for employee shuttle vans from Sandy and Hood River to Timberline and Government Camp. More recently, Timberline offers employees carpooling incentives and gasoline coupons. Some estimate about 45% of Timberline employees carpool.
Ski Bowl sponsors a free shuttle van circulating between it two Government Camp ski bases. Mt. Hood Meadows school buses fleet shuttles snow riders between parking lots and the Hood River Meadows annex lot. Mt. Hood Meadows has contracted with First Student Bus Company to shuttle employees from Hood River and Gresham.

Timberline and Ski Bowl to support their combined “Fusion” pass, operates “The Fusion Shuttle” bus departs Sandy at 7am, Ski Bowl at 8am arriving at Timberline at 8:45. The shuttle returns to Sandy at 4pm. While on the mountain, the Fusion bus it runs between Timberline and Ski Bowl three times a day. Employees ride the Fusion Shuttle, space available.