George Carlin

George Carlin famously observed, there are two kinds of motorists: 1. Morons (People who drive slower than we do) and; 2. Maniacs (people who drive faster than we do). Yesterday, we were reminded of a third type of motorist: A Criminal Defendant.

It was a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon. Time to get back to the city…along with everybody else. One 56 year old man did not make it home. Instead, he was killed after a female motorist ran him off the road while passing in a no- passing zone. The alleged offending driver left the scene but was eventually arrested and charged with:

* Criminally Negligent Homicide
* Reckless Driving
* Assault in the Third Degree
* Recklessly Endangering Another Person; and,
* Felony Hit & Run

It’s no joke. Don’t cross the yellow line. It’s not worth it.