Moments ago I met William T. Coleman. Mr. Coleman spoke at Lewis and Clark Law School to mark MLK day (or the day after) . For those who do not know, Mr. Colemen, who is well over 90, was the first  African-American to serve as a law clerk at the U.S. Supreme Court (as a clerk for Justice Felix Frankfurter).   He graduated first in his class from Harvard Law School. He is most well know for his work   as a co-author of a key brief in the landmark Supreme Court case, Brown v. Board of Education. Mr. Coleman also served as counsel to the Warren Commission which investigated the death of President Kennedy. He also served as Secretary of Transportation under President Gerald Ford. When we spoke I warned him that a comment he made regarding gays serving in the military might be taken the wrong way.  In any event, while is is now frail and moves around with the help of a wheelchair, he is still very sharp witted and funny.  See what the papers say about it in the morning.