You are a passenger hurt in an auto accident. We all know to exchange insurance information with the other driver…but what happens if the driver responsible is a family member or friend?

You may suffer the consequences of your injury for years or even the rest of your life. The key is to take steps to maximize recovery against all potentially responsible insurance companies. If the potentially responsible party is family member or friend, simply and kindly explain that you love that person and he or she purchased insurance for this very situation. While you may sympathize with the person at fault, do not discuss the matter in detail with the potentially responsible person. In the meantime, obtain a certified copy of your auto insurance policy as it may come into play in the event other policies do not sufficiently cover your damages. To insulate you from uncomfortable conversations and to maximize insurance recovery, hire an insurance attorney to notify all potentially responsible insurers study any potentially applicable insurance policies, negotiate a resolution and take other appropriate action.