Just like in the movie “Halloween”, long term disability insurers such as Unum, The Standard and Aetna….never die. Because, even after a disability claim is approved, long term disability carriers continue to “investigate”. But, their true aim is to wear you and your doctors down until the insurer obtains medical evidence which could arguably support cessation of benefits.

This process is known as “claim termination” “Terminating” a long term disability stops monthly benefit payments to you. Should you receive a termination letter immediately request your entire claim file in writing along with the long term disability policy and disability plan. While you may have 180 days to perfect an appeal, remember you may need time to generate additional medical evidence to support the appeal.

The Law Firm of Richard Rizk has reversed such claim terminations by pointing to faulty denial language, obtaining medical evidence supporting disability and appealing and filing suit when needed. Richard Rizk knows how to reverse insurer termination because he has represented disability insurers and is familiar with their tactics.