When you think of commercial vehicles, you likely think of the long-haul truckers you see on the highways, transporting goods across the country to all of our favorite stores. However, there are many commercial trucks that you likely see right in your own neighborhood on a regular basis. These vehicles are such a familiar sight that you probably do not consider the risks of injuries they pose, as any type of large truck can cause serious accidents.

Garbage trucks – Garbage and recycling collection is necessary to keep Portland neighborhoods clean and sanitary. Such services require large vehicles that navigate smaller streets on a daily basis, which puts people at risk of being seriously injured in garbage truck accidents. Last August, a garbage truck in Portland crashed into a cyclist, who then died of her traumatic head injuries. Garbage trucks can also crash into vehicles and pedestrians, and malfunctions can happen with truck equipment that can also cause injuries.

Delivery trucks These days, people in Portland order from Amazon and other online sites on a regular basis. Whether you are ordering gifts or groceries, your packages will likely be delivered by a large box truck. These trucks can be difficult to maneuver and have substantial blind spots, all of which can result in crashes and injuries to those in our neighborhoods.

Tow trucks – When your car is not driveable, calling a tow truck is sometimes your only option to get your vehicle to a mechanic. While calling a tow truck can be expensive, tow trucks can cause financial losses in other ways, as well, if a tow truck causes a collision. Tow truck drivers not only have to worry about the truck itself but also whatever vehicle they are towing. If a driver is not careful, they can crash into pedestrians, bicyclists, or other vehicles.

Emergency vehicles – When you have an emergency, calling 911 can dispatch the help you need. Often, an emergency call will result in ambulances and firetrucks zooming through the streets to provide aid as fast as possible. While such vehicles are equipped with lights and sirens to warn others on the road to move out of the way, emergency drivers should still take the necessary care to prevent accidents. When emergency drivers are not paying close attention or are otherwise negligent, they can cause additional injuries in collisions.

The above are only some examples of how truck accidents can occur right in your locality. You are not safe from truck accidents simply because you are off the highway and, if you are injured, you should discuss your rights with a skilled truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

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