Knowing this might happen, you or your loved were responsible. A life insurance policy was purchased. On paper you were protected against post death financial losses. You never dreamed you would inherit an insurance dispute rather than financial protection.

Sadly, some life insurers cannot resist temptation to evade life insurance promises. The potential savings to the insurer is just too great. There are many ways life insurers may attempt to skirt responsibility. For example, an insurer may argue that the policy should be rescinded due an alleged misrepresentation or omission in the application. Or, an insurer may contend that policy lapsed. Some denials claim death was triggered by an uncovered event or act. Other cases involve insurance agents who misrepresent policy terms in order to make a quick sale.

If you are frustrated by a slippery life insurer or agent, do not sign anything. Do not give recorded statements. Many insurers attempt to resolve life insurance disputes with unrepresented beneficiaries for “pennies on the dollar”. They want to resolve the dispute before you hire a qualified attorney. Richard Rizk has convinced life insurers to pay full policy limits in previously denied cases.