Portland Personal Injury Claim Process

Recovering from traumatic injuries that were caused by the carelessness of another can prompt a whirlwind of emotions. Understandably, you may be upset, frustrated, and concerned about what comes next. You may or may not know what steps to take next, or who to trust. Before accepting an offer from a seemingly caring insurance company, it is crucial to explore your legal options.

Acquiring an Attorney

Choosing just the right personal injury attorney to handle your case is a process all on its own. Your chances of recovering fair compensation greatly increase when you team up with a competent personal injury attorney. For the best outcome, the attorney you hire should have a thorough understanding of the processes insurance companies put in place to block your claim. Having worked as an insurance defense attorney and claims adjuster over the course of a decade, attorney Richard Rizk puts his valuable experience and negotiating skills to work for your benefit.

Case Investigation

Upon taking your case, your attorney will conduct extensive research to learn a detailed account of the events that led up to your injuries, and he will also learn just how serious your injuries are. He will then take over for you when communicating with the insurance company, as well as with the attorney representing the defendant. He will keep you informed about all negotiations and developments that take place.

Out-of-Court Settlement

Only 2% of all tort lawsuits make it to trial, which means that it is highly likely your case will not. Although you have the right to pursue a trial and present your case before a jury of your peers, the preferred way to receive fair compensation is through settlement negotiations. Pursuing a trial can bring upon several risks that may hurt your case in the long-run. Whenever possible, your attorney is likely to pursue a settlement.

Pursuing a Personal Injury Resolution in Court

There are times when the two parties cannot reach an amicable and just resolution. When this occurs, taking your case to trial becomes a viable option.

It’s important to know that a settlement can be reached at any point in the resolution process, even after a lawsuit is filed. The two parties can reach a settlement up until the resolution of the trial. As the plaintiff, or the person bringing the claim, your attorney’s responsibility is to prove that the defendant — the party you are suing — was liable for the accident, and caused the injuries and damages you sustained. If these injuries are preventing you from leading a normal life, you are entitled to compensation under Oregon law. At Rizklaw, our attorneys are determined to seek compensation for all of your losses, including your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

The Complaint

In the event that a fair settlement cannot be reached, your attorney can sue the insurance company. The Complaint formally details your allegations. After your attorney files the Complaint, it is personally delivered to the defendant, who then has 30 days to respond.


Immediately after a lawsuit is filed and up until the trial, the process of discovery begins. The purpose of discovery is for each side to gather all available evidence.

The Trial

A personal injury trial consists of many phases, for which your attorney will prepare you as they come. During a trial, your attorney will present your case to the judge or jury. The defendant will then present their side. After the judge and jury hear all arguments, they determine if the defendant is liable for all that you have suffered. They will put a price on your suffering and determine the compensation you deserve.

Lawsuits can take several months or years to resolve. The defendant may choose to appeal the case, at which point it may be sent to a higher court to reconsider the outcome. All these processes can further delay your compensation, which is why the go-to solution is to receive a just settlement.

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