E.D.R. is an acronym for Event Data Recorder. E.D.R.s are installed in approximately 96% of new cars to document critical crash data that might otherwise be lost. An E.D.R consists of a memory chip capturing an automobile’s vitals from the vehicle’s car sensors (ex: Air Bags) and control modules. It works like a surveillance video camera in that the E.D.R. records a series of loops.

At impact, the E.D.R. takes a “snapshot”— 5 seconds before the crash and about 45 second afterward. The snapshot captures evidence which may help establish or refute liability for the crash and extent of damages caused. Such evidence may include:
• How fast the vehicle was going;
• Whether brakes were applied;
• Timing of airbag deployment; and
• Seatbelt use;

A savvy personal injury lawyer will know to secure E.D.R. information for all involved vehicles involved in significant auto injury accidents. If you were in a car accident, take steps to secure your vehicle’s E.D.R. before repairing or junking. And, contact a qualified attorney who can help prevent other driver’s involved from losing or destroying their E.D.R chips.