Not since 2008 have so many Oregon motorists died on Oregon Roadways over the 4th of July weekend. That year, 6 persons died on Oregon Road ways. Over the 2013 4th of July weekend, 5 people perished in Oregon motor vehicle crashes, according to Oregon State Police. Of course, this is devastating news for families affected. Those not directly affected may simply conclude that this 4th was just another dangerous holiday weekend.

A closer look reveals an important clue as to how we all might reduce our own risk of fatality on Oregon roads during holiday weekends. All deaths occurred the Friday of the holiday weekend. One viable theory for “Friday Fatality Phenomenon” : drivers in rush to get somewhere else on Friday after enjoying fireworks the day before. To reduce the chance of a serious motor vehicle accident this Labor Day weekend, consider not driving while every other Oregonian is also rushing out of town. Wait until traffic subsides.. don’t drive with the herd or at times when other drivers are more likely to be impaired. In 2013, 60 persons were arrested for drunken driving over the 4th weekend , compared with 21 in 2012.