As a child, my father warned “don’t sit too close to the TV….It is bad for your eyes.” Recently, large TVs have been the cause more of much more serious injuries. With popularity of huge televisions, more and more children are being injured when the TVs fall. Children under 5 face the greatest risk of injury from toppling TVs.

Child injuries from unsecured TV increased 125 percent from 1990 to 2011, according to a recent study on the issue. In the first decade of this century approximately 200 children died as a result of a set or monitor falling. American ER doctors treat about 17,500 children each year for various TV-related injuries.

Why? Television placement on furniture that was not designed for that purpose. Just under half of the TV tip-overs involve TVs toppling from furniture, while about a third of injuries involved an entertainment center or TV stand. The lesson here… anchor sets to the wall and only use appropriate TV stands. You could save a child from injury or even death.