Eugene Bicycle Accident Attorney

Eugene has a prominent biking culture and the city has invested heavily in designating bike lanes downtown and creating bike paths around the city. The City of Eugene reports that its network includes the following:

  • 42 miles of shared-use paths
  • 81 miles of on-street bicycle lanes
  • 35 miles of signed bikeways
  • 5 bicycle/pedestrian bridges spanning the Willamette River
  • 2 bicycle/pedestrian bridges spanning major roads or highways

Shared paths along either side of the Willamette River allow riders to cycle all the way from the Delta Oaks area in the north of the city, past the Valley River Shopping Center, all the way into downtown. That works well not only for commuters but also recreational bicyclists looking to enjoy the stunning scenery. The north of the city’s main roads generally have marked bike lanes.

The University of Oregon area in the southeast of the city is also rife with student and staff bicyclists. The university’s “UO Bike Program” was nationally recognized for its achievement in increasing bike commuters onto campus to 17 percent.

A majority of streets downtown between 18th and 5th Avenues and Alder and Lincoln contain marked bike lanes. That reflects the high number of workers using bikes as their mode of transportation to get to work. Certain major intersections have designated waiting boxes for bicyclists out in front of the traffic.

Eugene’s bike commuting rate peaked in 2009 at 11 percent of working people, the highest number for any city of comparable size in the country. That number has dwindled slightly in subsequent years, but bicycles still remain many commuters’ transport of choice.

Protect Yourself in the Event of an Eugene Bicycle Accident

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