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A Guide to Protesting

E-Scooters in PDX

End the Bullying

Meet Rizklaw


Inside Look

International School Open House Wed June 27th

The South Portland Business Association is proud to feature Portland's own International School at its June meeting. We will hear from the former Salem Mayor and South Portland veteran Roger Roger Gertenrich who will outline South Portland's recent history and give tips on navigating municipality politics.

South Vs Southwest Portland

South Portland Business Association President, Attorney Richard Rizk, has been on top of the Southwest to South address change issue of late. This is an issue that affects many Southwest Portland businesses directly. Richard has been a voice for the people affected in this change.

Sneak Peak from the Multnomah Bar Association Top Golf Event

Rizklaw sponsored and enjoyed an evening of Top Golf with the Multnomah Bar Association last Thursday evening. There was a lot of laughter, some good food and great conversations on the "green"! What describes a social event like this better than a few photos!

After My First Year in Law School

Mall vs Horton

Sukhdev Mall's claim against Andrew Horton was one of the first I worked on when I came onto Rizk Law shortly after completing my first year of law school. It was the second trial that I acted as Rich's assistant. It was a fairly severe car accident that occurred in October of 2013 - a few inches back, and it's quite likely Mr. Mall would have died.

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