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Vehicle Vs Pedestrian Accident

Today was a dangerous day on the roads of Portland. You would think that we would have some of the best drivers in the US due to the usual weather/road conditions here. Much of the year you can find slippery wet roads and if you head to the mountain you can find snow. But we remain lower than desirable on the safe driving list for US cities.

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Horror Stories – Distracted Driving – THE END

When we drive- that's all we should be doing. 100% attention on driving. This video is horrific but it does show us the high price of our distractions. All it takes in a moment to change or end a life.

Distracted Driving: Horror Stories 1

"The common response is 'Well, I didn't have it up to my ear.' Well, it doesn't matter, if you're holding the phone, if you're touching your phone other than the one swipe, it's a violation."

The 411 on Car Insurance

The FAQ on Auto Insurance: How much do you need and how much will it cost!

Requests for Production (Rizk Law Mini-Series EP02)

In this video short, join Rizk Law’s paralegal, Don Nash, as he briefly introduces the Request for Production document, an important aspect of any litigation. Whether you are a potential client with a recent injury, or you are unfamiliar with the process of resolving your claim for an injury, Don will have some useful tips.

More commercial traffic through Portland


You probably noticed. I-5, 26 or I-84 clogged during random non-rush hour times. No accident. Perfect weather. No apparent reason. Complete standstill.

It’s not just that there is more traffic. There seems to be many more commercial semi-container trucks. What’s up?

It’s not your imagination. Port of Portland reports that since marine shippers Hanjin and Hapag-Lloyd left the Port earlier this year, the Portland metro roadways absorb about 2,000 more trucks, daily. This adds stress to highways and motorists leading to more crashes.

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Resolving Washington State Personal Injury & Insurance Claims



Richard Rizk is now admitted to the Washington State Bar. He is also licensed to practice law in Oregon, Federal Court (9th Circuit), Oregon District Court and Illinois (currently inactive). Mr. Rizk became familiar with Washington insurance laws as a high level claims analyst in the 1990s working to resolve environmental insurance coverage disputes involving insureds including Cadet Manufacturing, Port of Vancouver and Dairygold.


Elder Motorists: Oregon Laws Fail to Protect Public


Sunday May 10 was a wonderful day for an outing. With bikes atop, Jill my wife and I travelled to Silverton to visit a friend who lives in Silverton. Then it happened.

An elderly lady, eyes wide, drove her vehicle the wrong way and was heading directly toward the vehicle in which Jill and were passengers. Thanks to fast reflexes, the driver of our car was able to avert a head on collision at the last second. Hearts pounding. As  danger passed, we joined in a collective sigh of relief.

No one cherishes the idea of banishing our elders to […]

GREEN Means RED: Oregon’s Misunderstood Crosswalk Laws

Most Oregon drivers know to stop for pedestrians, walking within a marked cross walk when the pedestrian has the right of way as indicated by a green light or pedestrian walk signal.  What many Oregon motorist don’t know is that under Oregon law, a crosswalk exists at EVERY intersection, whether or not the crosswalk is marked.  ORS 811.028

A reasonable question to ask might be, “If a crosswalk exists at every intersection, where is the cross walk in an intersection without a marked crosswalk? Answer:  Where one would expect the crosswalk to be: an imaginary connection of sidewalks on […]

Bicyclists Charged with Reckless Driving in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Image 2

Although most pedestrian accidents due to collision involve automobiles, a large number are caused by careless bicyclists who, many believe, should be subject to the same criminal penalties as a reckless auto driver.

On March 29, 2012, a bicyclist in San Francisco reportedly ran through three red lights before entering the intersection at Castro and Market streets. By varying accounts, he either rode past a yellow light or a red light before striking and killing a man who was walking with his wife. The San Francisco District Attorney’s […]

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