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Police Brutality Plagues Portland

Police use of excessive force is a growing civil rights issue in the United States that primarily affects communities of color. Dozens of heinous instances of police brutality have made headlines from some of the country’s most racially divided cities, sparking a national movement to protect Black lives. Yet, what many culturally “aware” citizens might not know is that police brutality remains a plague on one of the country’s most seemingly liberal cities. […]

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Top 5 Portland Neighborhoods to Avoid Trick-or-Treat

The evidence that Portland is one of America’s favorite cities is conspicuously reflected in its soaring housing costs and influx of non-native Oregonians. For several consecutive years, Portland has ranked as one of the top cities to live in the United States. As with any densely populated city, there are some neighborhoods that should be avoided after sundown.

GoLocalPDX News analyzed 5 years’ worth of data from the City of Portland and the Oregon Department of Transportation to create a list of the most […]

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Alex Pletch joins Rizklaw as summer law clerk

alexp   LCLAW

Rizklaw welcomes Alex Pletch as our 2015 summer law clerk! Alex is the third Rizklaw team member educated at Lewis & Clark Law School. Alex resumes school in the fall and will be providing support for summer trials.

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Resolving Washington State Personal Injury & Insurance Claims



Richard Rizk is now admitted to the Washington State Bar. He is also licensed to practice law in Oregon, Federal Court (9th Circuit), Oregon District Court and Illinois (currently inactive). Mr. Rizk became familiar with Washington insurance laws as a high level claims analyst in the 1990s working to resolve environmental insurance coverage disputes involving insureds including Cadet Manufacturing, Port of Vancouver and Dairygold.


Contrasting two news characters


Bob Simon died yesterday in tragic car accident. He was a “reporter’s reporter” recalled CBS anchor Scott Pelley this morning. Time and time again, Mr. Simon would search for the true news, with little regard for his own safety.

Bob Simon has earned many awards for his insightful and courageous journalism. He is known for his battlefield coverage of the Vietnam War. He was held captive in Iraq for 40 days in 1991. Bob deplored injustice and was not afraid to directly confront bullies. Mr. Simon sought the truth without fear. He was the reporter another high flying former anchor […]

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Traumatic Brain Injury? Make an appointment with a Neurologist ASAP


A traumatic brain injury is an injurious trauma to the head, more commonly described as a “concussion”. Not all concussions are the same.

The American Academy of Neurology sets three grades of traumatic brain injury:
Grade 1– No loss of consciousness. Difficulty conversing. Confusion. Headache. Symptoms resolve in about 15 minutes.
Grade 2– Same as above but symptoms are more severe and last longer than 15 minutes.
Grade 3– Any loss of consciousness.

Neurologists are sought after and usually have tight schedules. Not all traumatic brain injuries show up on CT or MRIs. If you have had a Grade 2 or 3 traumatic brain […]

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The True Ambulance Chasers


Tort reformers enjoy chastising lawyers who seek justice for injured persons. “There all just a bunch of greedy ambulance chasing lawyers…” is a commonly expressed sentiment. But, the reality is moments after a serious injury event, it is the insurance company & big business investigators at the scene, not personal injury lawyers.

The reasons are simple. At the time of any given loss, insurers and big business already have investigators and lawyers in place. Trucking companies, nursing homes and hospitals, for example, have great reason to anticipate large losses. By contrast, catastrophe catches most injury victims by complete surprise.

After a large […]

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5 Reasons for Oregon Holiday Roadway Crashes

1. More Commercial Traffic


Winter holidays is time of great commerce. That means more large trucks on the highways and more delivery trucks in neighborhoods.

2. People in a Hurry


Gifts to buy, parties to attend, friends to visit, cards to mail. During winter holidays there never seems to be enough time.

3. Distractions, Distractions, Distractions…


Shiny lights, ringing bell, Christmas lights, shopping sales, elves, music, reindeers and of course, texting ARE ALL MAJOR DISTRACTION. Already distracted motorists are even more so during the winter holidays.

4. Snow, Ice and freezing rain


Winter means water, in its many forms, on roadways. Unlike other regions, most Oregon […]

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Join Richard Rizk at Cascade Ski Club Open House

This Saturday, Cascade Ski Club hosts its annual open house. Join us for dinner ” on the house”.- Richard Rizk, Cascade Ski Club, Director. Here’s my car in front of Cascade last weekend.

Cascade Car

Here’s informaton on the Open House. Location: Cascade Ski Club & Lodge Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 4:00 PM Onwards Complimentary Dinner- Tri-Tip Beef, Salmon, Pasta Dish, Spring Mix & Caesar Salads, Dinner Rolls, Dessert, Beverages and More! We’ll have Beer & Wine available. Enjoy the Gathering in front of our Roaring […]

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Wrongful Death, Bad Acts, Crimes & The Family Left Behind


Criminal charges may be appropriate where a wrong doer intentionally or with callous disregard for others, causes death. The decision whether to charge criminally usually rests with the district attorney in the county where the crime occurred. It is crucial that the family of the deceased, through its lawyer, contact the district attorney to express the family’s wishes concerning criminal prosecution. Unless a plea deal is reached first, a jury will decide whether criminal conduct occurred justifying incarceration. DO NOT ALLOW A PLEA DEAL WITHOUT FAMILY IMPUT TO THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY.

Criminal convictions require evidence “beyond a reasonable doubt”. While […]

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