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5 Reasons Insurance Companies Make Low Offers on Claims

The first in a new series of short, informational films, Richard Rizk reveals the 5 reasons he believes insurance companies makelow offers on claims. With experience working for and against insurance, Richard knows how to beat insurance companies at their own game.

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When Paying Cash is Cheaper than Using Health Insurance


A yearly investigation by Minneapolis station KARE11, followed by two recently filed class-action lawsuits, found  that pharmacists must sign so-called “gag” clauses preventing them from disclosing lower prices than what patients with insurance were paying for medications. In most cases, an insurance co-pay for a medication was twice as expensive as for just paying cash for the same medicine.

Why Co-Pay More Expensive than Paying Cash?

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), which serve as the middleman, set the price you pay the pharmacy for medications. In many cases, the price they set for your […]

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Lifesaving Insulin Becoming Unaffordable


There are an estimated 30 million Americans with diabetes. For the 6 million of them who rely on insulin, buying that medication is a life or death situation. So when the three major companies that make insulin in the US steadily ratchet up their prices, sometimes in lockstep, diabetic patients with high deductible insurance plans who pay out of pocket for their prescriptions struggle to get the lifesaving medication they need.

Most of the 30 million diabetic Americans have type-2 diabetes, meaning their body doesn’t use insulin the right way and may […]

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Oregon’s Basic Health Program to Fill Medicaid Coverage Gap


Oregonians with incomes over 138 percent of the federal poverty level who earn too much to qualify for expanded Medicaid, who are also without employer paid health insurance, are in a coverage gap.

New Federal Medicaid/Medicare Standards

In 2014, the Oregon Center for Public Policy estimated that about 120,000 Oregonians who must get health insurance or pay a fine would remain uninsured by 2019. Of that group, nearly half would be low-income people with incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty line who earn too much to qualify for expanded Medicaid under the Oregon Health Plan.

Oregon is […]

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ACA in 2017: Rising Premiums and Fewer Choices But Still a Bargain



Health insurance premiums through the exchanges are expected to rise by an average of 25% in 2017, with fewer health insurance plans available to choose from as health insurance companies continue to drop out of the exchanges.

About 75 percent of people enrolled in plans this year get subsidies to help pay their premiums, and those subsidies will go up along with premiums. However, those who make too much to qualify for subsidies because they earn more than 400 percent of the federal poverty level will pay the entire amount. For a […]

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SB 411 Brings Greater Coverage to Injured Motorists

In November of 2015, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill that sought to improve insurance benefits for victims who are injured in motor-vehicle collisions. Senate Bill 411 (SB 411), was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown. The bill expands coverage for two key areas of car insurance policies: personal injury protection (PIP) and under or uninsured motorist coverage (UIM).


Effective as of January 1, 2016, the new law provides injured parties greater access to compensation. Changes made by the law go into effect on policies renewed or created on January 1, 2016 or later. Drivers who renewed […]

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Oregon Boat Safety for 2016


Yes, I’m a lawyer, but in a former life I was a YMCA boating instructor, camp counselor and life guard. In that context safety was front and center. Sadly, I have seen safety take a back to recreation as children become young adults… until tragedy strikes.

Memorial Day weekend will be here in a few days so NOW is a great time to remind all my friends and clients that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Keep in mind that most safety rules were enacted in response […]

Paying for Uber or Lyft Oregon Auto Injury Accidents

“Ridesharing” services like Uber and Lyft are not about sharing. Make no mistake about it, Uber and Lyft are money making enterprises also commonly known as “businesses”. If you were injured in an auto accident as a passenger in a ridesharing vehicle or hit by a ride sharing car, you may be wondering what insurance applies, if any. Your concern is on point since most auto insurance policies issued to individuals and families contain an exclusion for driving for commercial purposes.

Sorting out whether a driver’s private or commercial (Uber, Lyft) auto insurance policy applies requires determining whether the driver […]


Oregon lawmakers recently passed Senate Bill 411 which provides Oregon motorists additional medical benefits and additional underinsured medical benefits. But, there is a catch. These additional coverages only apply to auto insurance policies issued or renewed in 2016 or later. If your policy was issued before then, contact your insurer or agent to request auto policy renewal.

Unlike neighboring states Washington and California, Oregon requires all auto insurance policies to contain a medical payment and wage loss benefit known as Personal Injury Protection, commonly referred to as “PIP”. Oregon law […]

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Claim Value- Variable #1: YOU

This is the first post in my weekly blog series: Personal Injury Claim Value: Key Variables. During the past 25 years I have quantified claims big and small–as a large loss claims analyst (1996-2000), an insurance defense attorney (1990-1996) and since 2000 as a plaintiff personal injury attorney. I dedicate the series to my past clients, adversaries and their insurers whose now resolved disputes laid a pattern of lessons learned.

When it comes to personal injury claims ultimately there is really only one question: How much is my claim worth?”

The short, quick answer is a simple number. A number […]