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The Future of Driving

Driver assistance technologies in today’s motor vehicles are already helping to save lives and prevent injuries.

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Horror Stories – Distracted Driving – THE END

When we drive- that's all we should be doing. 100% attention on driving. This video is horrific but it does show us the high price of our distractions. All it takes in a moment to change or end a life.

Distracted Driving, Horror Stories 3

If that hasn't been enough to convince you to put the phone down while driving... Let's look at the fines in Oregon. Check out the Video: It may save your life or at the least, $1K..

Distracted Driving 2

Over 2.5 million people in the U.S. are involved in road accidents each year. The population of the US is just 318.9 million. At this rate, the American people could be extinct in two human lifespans. This is an astounding number of traffic accidents.

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Historic Flooding and a Lesson on Hydroplaning

Flooding is on our mind this week in regards to the flash 500-year flood that has swallowed a large chunk of southern Louisiana. While the sun shines down on Portland for the sliver of the summer that remains, a federal emergency has been declared for the epic flooding that continues to devastate Baton Rouge. Historic flooding plagues the Gulf Coast state, with some areas seeing 30 or more inches of rain in a matter of just a few days. Over two feet of rainfall landed in just three days– more rain than Los Angeles has seen in four years.

Over […]

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Hanjin Flees Portland, More Trucks on Roads

If it feels like you’re seeing a million more trucks during your commute and around-the-clock traffic jams, it’s not your imagination fooling you. While we may be exaggerating, the reality is that you are experiencing the ripple effects of a big change in the transportation of goods throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Port of Portland is feeling a little lighter these days having lost its largest international shipping company. Hanjin, a South Korea-based carrier, finally quit the Port of Portland in February 2015 after claiming it would do so two years ago.


Port Dockworkers Leave Bad Taste

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Fire Season & Head-on Crashes

FIRE and bellowing plumes of SMOKE make this summer particularly dangerous for motorists in Oregon and Washington State. Recognizing this danger, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has recently closed several stretches of highway including:

1. Highway 26 ( at and around Warms Springs) ; and
2. 1-84 ( Pendleton to Ontario)

Highway 26 and I-84 are two of Oregon’s major significant east-west connecter. While necessary for safety, closures increase traffic on rural two- lane roadways not meant for high volume.

As an inevitable result, impatient drivers more frequently cross the yellow solid line, sometimes with fatal consequences. Meanwhile, plumes of smoke […]

More commercial traffic through Portland


You probably noticed. I-5, 26 or I-84 clogged during random non-rush hour times. No accident. Perfect weather. No apparent reason. Complete standstill.

It’s not just that there is more traffic. There seems to be many more commercial semi-container trucks. What’s up?

It’s not your imagination. Port of Portland reports that since marine shippers Hanjin and Hapag-Lloyd left the Port earlier this year, the Portland metro roadways absorb about 2,000 more trucks, daily. This adds stress to highways and motorists leading to more crashes.

Take care this summer! For more info go to:

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Elder Motorists: Oregon Laws Fail to Protect Public


Sunday May 10 was a wonderful day for an outing. With bikes atop, Jill my wife and I travelled to Silverton to visit a friend who lives in Silverton. Then it happened.

An elderly lady, eyes wide, drove her vehicle the wrong way and was heading directly toward the vehicle in which Jill and were passengers. Thanks to fast reflexes, the driver of our car was able to avert a head on collision at the last second. Hearts pounding. As  danger passed, we joined in a collective sigh of relief.

No one cherishes the idea of banishing our elders to […]