A Boy and a Car Crash

People who have never lived through trauma like a serious car accident do not understand how fear works in the brain. Our brains are hardwired for survival, which is amazing, but susceptible to breaking. Miraculously, the crash did not physically injure me. But I’ve taken the emotional toll with me everywhere since.

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Rizklaw Quarterly Newsletter Q2:V1

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A Guide to Protesting

E-Scooters in PDX

End the Bullying

Meet Rizklaw


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A Guide to Protesting in Portland Oregon

Have you noticed? Folks of all walks of life are exercising 1st Amendment rights more often and much of the time through protest. Though crucial to a healthy democracy, Americans’ free speech right has limitations. But before protesting, you should be aware of your rights, duties and risks. 

PT 2: After My 1st Year in Law School

"Proving that a collision caused a broken leg is easy,"...

. . . states Alex Pletch, Attorney at Rizklaw. “Soft tissue injuries, such as strains and sprains, do not show up on x-rays so they are not easy to prove.

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After My First Year in Law School

Mall vs Horton

Sukhdev Mall's claim against Andrew Horton was one of the first I worked on when I came onto Rizk Law shortly after completing my first year of law school. It was the second trial that I acted as Rich's assistant. It was a fairly severe car accident that occurred in October of 2013 - a few inches back, and it's quite likely Mr. Mall would have died.

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