Bend Bicycle Accident Attorney

According to the website Map My Ride, Bend is home to 3783 cycling trails. Given the mountainous nature of southeastern Oregon, bicyclists can experience trails at dramatically varying altitudes and terrains surrounded by striking scenery. Considering Downtown Bend is only 21 miles from Mt. Bachelor, it’s no wonder Bend is “America’s Top Mountain Biking Town” in the eyes of Ride Oregon.  


There are a number of resources available to riders in Bend, from a great selection of bike shops to better riding weather due to its desert climate. While it still gets some snow, the desert environment keeps trails dry and provides riders with more scenic variety.

Bend offers mountain bike enthusiasts world-class mountain bike paths. Trails to and from Mt. Bachelor showcase breathtaking views that include waterfalls and lakes. The city even hosts an annual mountain biking event called Bend’s Big Fat Tour, an epic 3-day event covering 130 miles of singletrack trails. Bend trails are often featured in niche mountain biking publications, such as Mountain Bike Action. 

Road cycling is also a big deal in Bend, with many professionals training within the city’s borders. Particularly popular are the routes within the Three Sisters Scenic Bikeway that have been designated “Oregon Scenic Bikeways” by the state:


  • The Twin Bridges Loop, spanning a 36.29 mile round trip and gaining 1,073 feet in vertical elevation
  • Sisters to Smith Rock, a 36.69 one-way trail that elevates 597 vertical feet
  • The Metolius River Loops, a distance of 6.64 miles with some elevation fluctuation, and
  • The McKenzie River Pass, dubbed by the city’s tourism board as “without a doubt the most spectacular bike ride in the entire state of Oregon,” and weighing in at 37.91 miles one way and elevating 2,191 vertical feet.


Such spectacular displays attract visitors from around the world. Many people even move to Bend and other parts of Oregon to be closer to nature. It is what places Oregon at the top of the “Best Places to Live” surveys almost every year.

Some road cycling routes in Bend, such as the Bachelor Party Out & Back Scenic Bikeway, have been repaved to include wider bike lanes. The city makes a  considerable effort in making its streets more navigable to bikers. Still, bikes and traffic share many roads around Bend.

Protect Yourself in the Event of a Bend Bicycle Accident

If you have been hurt while bicycling in Bend, you need to ensure that your injuries are taken care of and that the responsible party makes recompense for their actions. Call Richard Rizk, Attorney at Law at (503) 245-5677 for a free consultation with a bicycle accident attorney.