Imagine a shave lasting 5 months! Great for faces and legs… roadways not so much.

For decades Portlanders have enjoyed Barbur Boulevard as an alternative to I -5 for shorter trips to and from south Portland. Now through much of April 2015 Portland commuters must endure one lane each way on Barbur. Repair are needed to replace the Newbury and Vermont Bridges both built in 1934.

Repairs are designed with pedestrians and cyclists in mind. The 1934 bridges were not originally designed for bike or pedestrian travel. In fact, many cyclists have been hurt near the bridges by trucks and cars squeezing riders and walkers off Barbur there.

The fixes will create room for non-motorized Barbur travelers. In the meantime, construction and closed lanes cause increased hazards. In this video, news reporters asked me to talk about alternative routes to Barbur. Rizk on Alternative Barbur Route