Ashland Bicycle Accident Attorney

Ashland is southern Oregon’s premier biking town. The city’s chamber of commerce proudly boasts that it is a “hidden bicycle riding Mecca.” Many enthusiasts are drawn to the spectacular watershed trail leading from the south city limits to the foot of Mount Ashland. It is even home to a growing niche cycle sport called bike polo, in which — you guessed it — teams play polo on bikes instead of horses!

Mountain biking is particularly prominent in Ashland considering the city rests nearly 2,000 feet above sea level. The Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges cradle the city in their foothills.Each year, Ashland hosts the Ashland Mountain Challenge, a 12-mile Super Downhill race for cyclists. It’s the longest race of its kind in Oregon.

The Bear Creek Greenway is a paved 26-mile bikeway between Ashland and Central Point. Road riding is encouraged, particularly on the surrounding winding low-traffic roads. Riders can join the well-established Siskiyou Velo club should they wish to partake in organized road rides. A handful of local stores rent bike to tourists by the hour or day. There is no shortage of bikes in this town. 


The city received the Bicycle Friendly Community Gold Award in 2013 in recognition of its cycling culture by the League of American Bicyclists. This is to reward their efforts in updating transportation systems to accommodate cycling, as well as their ongoing safety education programs to promote proper road etiquette. Ashland even hosts local events such as “Car Free Day” and “Ashland Bike Swap.”


Only 18 cities in the US have this kind of gold status to brag about. The state of Oregon ranks 3rd overall for bike-friendly communities. Crossing through town is relatively straightforward on bikes using the bike lanes on East Main and Siskiyou Boulevard. There are a few shared lanes around the city, but for the most part riders downtown find themselves sharing the roads with traffic.


Protecting Yourself in the Event of an Ashland Bicycle Accident

Despite the city’s awareness for cyclists and its promotion of a healthy transportation alternative, there is much potential for injury accidents as cyclists still need to share the roads with cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles. If you have suffered a bicycle accident in Ashland, you should call Richard Rizk, Attorney at Law at (503) 245-5677 to go over your case. His free consultation will help you determine next steps for your Oregon biking accident case.