1. More Commercial Traffic


Winter holidays is time of great commerce. That means more large trucks on the highways and more delivery trucks in neighborhoods.

2. People in a Hurry


Gifts to buy, parties to attend, friends to visit, cards to mail. During winter holidays there never seems to be enough time.

3. Distractions, Distractions, Distractions…


Shiny lights, ringing bell, Christmas lights, shopping sales, elves, music, reindeers and of course, texting ARE ALL MAJOR DISTRACTION. Already distracted motorists are even more so during the winter holidays.

4. Snow, Ice and freezing rain


Winter means water, in its many forms, on roadways. Unlike other regions, most Oregon cities are not well equipped with snow removal trucks and machines. Shorter stopping distances result in more crashes.

5. Out of town motorists


Winter holidays bring friends and relatives from out of town. Folks unfamiliar with Oregon roadways are more likely to make a wrong turn.